Summer Bridge

Building a bridge from where you’ve been to where you’re going.

EOP student at the Summer Bridge event.

Getting Started

EOP provides a Summer Bridge experience to assist with the transition to our university. Participation in this program is mandatory in order to be fully accepted into the University at Buffalo. Our program will be delivered in a Hybrid format. The first three weeks will be in-person. Students will be required to be on campus during this time. The last two weeks will be virtual. We will ensure that each student is accommodated appropriately with the necessary equipment.

During the program, participants can expect to be acclimated to the rigor and demands of academic life as a UB student. The program will include (but is not limited to) credit-bearing course offerings and workshops to strengthen academic and personal wellness skills. Students will also enjoy opportunities to engage interactively with peers and UB faculty/staff within this hybrid format.

The summer program will take place July 2-August 5 2023.