Academic Intervention and Support

We’re with you every step of the way.

Two students playing Jenga together.

EOP programs and services are linked by our belief in all EOP students’ potential to excel at, and graduate from, UB. It’s our mission to prepare our students to meet the rigor of our world-class university from the moment they choose to enroll at UB. Our programs and services are proactive rather than reactive, comprehensive rather than fragmented, and oriented toward furthering your long-term academic and personal growth.

Support Services

The most successful students know how to use available resources to reach their full potential. EOP encourages and promotes academic achievement and excellence by providing students with:

  • Academic support programs.
  • Academic, financial aid, personal and career counseling.
  • Graduate and professional school mentoring.
  • Research opportunities.
  • Tutoring that includes academic coaches and peer mentoring.
  • Workshops.
  • Laptop loan program and computer lab.

We’re here for you.

In EOP, we understand that personal circumstances can lead to academic difficulties. If you are experiencing issues that hinder your ability to produce satisfactory college-level work, we want you to know that we are here for you.

We urge you to seek assistance as soon as possible. Your EOP counselor is available to help you make the necessary connections to keep you on track.


The EOP Academic Success and Intervention Program (ASIP) is for students who can benefit from additional support resources, monitoring and intervention. Students in this group include:

  • Any EOP student on academic probation.
  • EOP freshmen on academic warning.
  • Students recommended by their EOP counselor.
  • Students who opt-in to this group.

ASIP students are notified of their status at the start of the semester via emails from the ASIP coordinator and their EOP counselor. The emails outline ASIP student requirements, so be sure to read them thoroughly.

*Note: Students with class conflicts that prevent them from attending any of the mandatory ASIP requirements must notify their EOP counselor immediately.