Job Search & Employment Verification

Here, you’ll find advice and resources to help you apply and interview for jobs. 

  • How to Prepare for Your Interview
    An interview is your moment to be confident and tell an employer why you can do the job and why you should be hired for the position. We are here to help you prepare and get the job that is a right fit for you.
  • Tips From Hiring Managers
    Get advice that you can use in your job search.
  • Job Application Form
    If you are a Buffalo EOC student or recent graduate, please complete this form when you apply for a job. Any information that is collected is confidential and will only be used for data purposes.
  • Employment Verification Form
    Please help us keep our information up to date, so we can continue to help you and other students and graduates.
  • Career Portfolio Assistance
    Career Services will work with you to help you develop a professional portfolio.
  • Talk to a Career Counselor
    Speak with a Career Counselor to have a more in-depth look at your career strategies and questions.
  • Employer Job Verification
    The Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center offers tuition-free academic and vocational training.  The Career Services Office is responsible for tracking the employment status of current and former students. Your cooperation is appreciated relevant to completing the form below.
  • Career Services Release Form
    The Office of College and Career Advancement  form for consent to verify present and/or future employment and /or college/post secondary education