Student Programs & Services

Group of students sitting outside on bleachers with pumpkins surrounding them.

The University at Buffalo Upward Bound Program (UBP) recruits students who are deeply interested in obtaining a post-secondary degree at a two- or four-year college or university. UBP students are passionate about learning, are proficient in all subjects, and earn at least an 85 GPA in their last marking period.

The UBP is comprised of two components: an academic component and a summer component.

Academic Year Component Summer Component

The summer component is a free, six-week program held on the University at Buffalo’s north campus. During this time, students can elect to commute daily or live on campus. Upward Bound is also an educational work site for approved Mayor Summer Internship Program participants.

The commuter component.

Students commute daily, Monday through Friday, to the University at Buffalo’s north campus from home, summer school or work. For transportation to and from campus, eligible students are provided with a Metro Summer Youth Flash Pass each month; the passes are not replaceable if lost or stolen. The commuter component allows students to experience college life while still in high school.

The residential component.

Students live in a residence hall at the University at Buffalo’s north campus from Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon, beginning the first week of July and ending mid-August (exact dates vary by year). The residential component provides students the opportunity to experience residence hall life in a safe, chaperoned environment. Students cannot attend the residential college component if attending summer school or working, but may attend the commuter component.

Both experiences offer:

  • Academic and cultural activities.
  • Club activities including book club, athletics, and health/wellness programming.
  • College visits (in- and out-of-state)
  • Community service.
  • English, foreign language, mathematics and science classes (Monday through Thursday).
  • Field trips (Friday).
  • Live performances and on-campus activities.
  • Workshops on a variety of topics such as personal development and academic survival skills.
  • Upon completion of the summer component, students are rewarded with a celebration in their honor at the UBP Annual Awards Banquet. 
  • UBP-provided snacks and hot meals.

Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program is offered to high school graduates to increase college-going rates, and the likelihood of post-secondary persistence and success. This is the final component in which high school seniors can participate.

Students participating in the Summer Bridge are enrolled in two freshman-level college courses at the University at Buffalo. Upon successful completion of the two courses, each student will earn six college credits. In addition, bridge students may opt to participate in a paid internship program.

The Upward Bound Program will pay all summer fees for Summer Bridge students including tuition, room, board, equipment, recreation and other fees pertaining to tuition.