How to join SSS.

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Am I Eligible?

SSS works with students of all levels, disciplines, and who meet one or more of the following criteria: first generationincome-eligible, and/or have a documented disability. To qualify for SSS, you must:

  1. Be an undergraduate student enrolled at the University at Buffalo, working on your first bachelor’s degree (or equivalent).
  2. Have U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status.
  3. Demonstrate a need for academic support (Welcome Meeting with SSS professional staff member).
  4. Be a first generation college student, and/or have income-eligible status, and/or a student with documented disability.
    • The U.S. Department of Education defines a first generation student as an individual whose natural or adoptive parents have not received a bachelor’s degree; or a student that who, prior to the age of 18, regularly resided with and received support from only one natural or adoptive parent and whose supporting parents did not receive a bachelor’s degree.
    • A student whose family/individual income falls within the limits set by The U.S. Department of Education may be defined as income-eligible  view eligible income levels. Please contact our office directly for any questions regarding this criteria.
    • A student with a disability is defined as a person who has registered with UB’s Office of Accessibility Resources and has documentation from that office.

Apply Today

Admission to our program is free and open year-round. You will not know for sure if you are eligible until you apply, so fill out our application today!

How to Become an SSS Student:

  1. Submit your application and proper federal tax forms (parent/guardian's federal tax 1040 forms for a dependent student, or individual federal 1040 tax forms for an independent student) to SSS.
  2. Receive acceptance decision.
  3. Attend a Welcome Meeting within 30 days of acceptance.
  4. Complete an in-person or online orientation.
  5. Welcome to the SSS family!

Questions about your application? Email us at sssinfo@buffalo.edu or visit us in 209 Baldy Hall.

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