Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program

The three pillars monument at Baird Point on University at Buffalo's North Campus.

Providing an avenue for admission and support for eligible students who have not yet reached their academic potential due to educational or economic barriers.  

Turning barriers into opportunities.

The Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is a multifaceted academic and student enrichment program for students who have demonstrated their potential to academically and personally succeed at UB, despite economic or social barriers.


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Our Mission

EOP promotes academic achievement and excellence through academic advising, collaborative learning workshops and mentoring designed to prepare students for graduate studies and professional school. Additionally, we offer scholarships and summer bridge programs for entering freshmen and transfer students.

Dedicated to principles of access, equity and excellence, EOP has a fourfold mission:

  1. To ensure the academic success of historically economically disadvantaged students by providing financial assistance, academic counseling and supplemental instruction;
  2. To retain and increase the graduation rate of EOP students;
  3. To increase the number of EOP students entering professional and graduate school;
  4. To cultivate student leaders who will impact positively their regional and global communities.

EOP’s goal is to make higher education possible for students who are passionate self-starters, and who are ready to take their academic and personal development to the highest level.

Since its inception, EOP has delivered upon its mission to cultivate our students into the best and the brightest that their families, schools and communities produce.