Get Involved

A faculty member and student sit inside the Blackstone LaunchPad office.

Here is how to cultivate a generation of entrepreneurs at UB.

Donating your time and expertise to the Blackstone LaunchPad at UB is an opportunity to engage and empower students in a non-classroom setting. With unique experiences across all disciplines and industries, UB’s faculty and staff are ideal partners and motivators for our students. Contact Hadar Borden or visit the Blackstone LaunchPad office to get involved.

Sponsor and Refer Students

Many startup and business plan competitions require individuals and teams to have a faculty sponsor or referral. Sponsors work closely with students and offer advice, mentorship and coaching as students prepare and compete. Your insights and expertise will provide actionable feedback on business ideas to help students along their entrepreneurial journey.

Faculty Advisory Board for Entrepreneurship

Share your leadership and expertise by participating in our leadership council. Together, our faculty champions foster a university wide startup ecosystem that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration. The advisory board will assemble once a semester to assess the culture of entrepreneurship at UB and to explore how to integrate the Blackstone LaunchPad with programs across the university. By participating on the advisory board, you have the opportunity to connect with other faculty members who are interested in research commercialization and entrepreneurship education.