Research & Innovation

The primary mission of the Center for Computational Research is to enable research and scholarship at UB by providing faculty, staff, and students with access to high-performance computing and visualization resources, including staff with expertise in computational science, parallel computing, software development, advanced database engineering, graphical user interfaces, portal design, bioinformatics, advanced data analytics and data driven science. 


Highlights of Research Facilitated by CCR Resources:

This section highlights just a few of the many research projects currently utilizing our resources.  We love hearing about the research being done on our systems!  Please contact us to be featured on our website

SUNY Oneonta and CCR unite to support the analysis of large datasets by social science students. Using the VIDIA platform, Oneonta has integrated the analysis of large datasets into coursework in Sociology, Poli Sci and Philosophy.
High performance computing was used to design cost-effective systems to safeguard the nation’s groundwater supplies from contaminated sites. The search procedures and tools that come from this research can be tailored to a wide variety of geoscience challenges.
Dr. Richelle Allen-Kin (Department of Geology) is working to systematically evaluate the relative impacts of soil and sorption heterogeneity on contaminant storage and removal in sedimentary aquifers.
A collaboration with the UB Admissions & Communications departments resulted in 3D models of all 3 UB campuses and an app for iPhone/iPad devices allowing prospective students from all over world to tour UB without leaving home