Minor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

The Philosophy, Politics and Economics Minor gives students a set of interdisciplinary tools to think rigorously about important problems.

Are you interested in how the economy, political institutions, and questions of justice interact? The new Philosophy, Politics and Economics minor is all about thinking about complex social problems.

PPE gives you a set of interdisciplinary tools to think rigorously about important problems. How should morality shape the market? How do political institutions shape our political and economic options? How should we deal with deep disagreements? What is justice, and what institutions do we need to achieve it? What’s a good measure of a successful city or country?

  • The PPE Minor is a perfect companion to a major in Economics, Political Science, Law, Geography, Sociology, Criminology, or Philosophy.
  • The PPE Minor is great for anyone interested in pursuing a career in law, the social sciences, politics, or business.
  • The PPE Minor is a fantastic and flexible way of learning about the political world around you.

Course of Study

Core Courses

(12-13 Credits)
  • PHI 185 Model-Based Reasoning
  • PHI 342 Political Philosophy
  • ECO 405 Microeconomic Theory I or ECO 182 Introduction to Microeconomics
  • PSC 314 Public Policy Making or PSC 315 American Political Economy


2 courses from different departments (6 credits)


  • PHI 162 Law, Morality, Authority
  • PHI 105 Contemporary Moral Problems
  • PHI 107 Introduction to Ethics
  • PHI 238 Philosophy of Law
  • PHI 322 Philosophy of Social Sciences
  • PHI 341 Social Philosophy
  • PHI 335 Contemporary Ethical Theory
  • PHI 438 Topics in Ethics

Political Science

  • PSC 101 Introduction to American Politics
  • PSC 103 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PSC 328 International Political Economy
  • PSC 314 Public Policy Making
  • PSC 312 Urban Politics
  • PSC 315 American Political Economy
  • PSC 393 Game Theory and Politics
  • PSC 412 Comparative Political Institutions
  • PSC 430 Human Rights
  • PSC 470 Legal Political Theory


  • ECO 181 Introduction to Macroeconomics or ECO 407 Macroeconomic Theory I
  • ECO 203 Distributions of Income and Wealth
  • ECO 207 Economic Classics
  • ECO 209 Introduction to Urban Economics or ECO 421 Urban Economics
  • ECO 464 Public Economics
  • ECO 467 Game Theory


(3 Credits)
  • PHI 485 Integrating Insights from Philosophy, Politics and Economics 

Credit total: 21

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