Undergraduate Admissions


When it comes to learning opportunities, UB simply has more to offer. We have the widest range of academic programs of any public institution in New York or New England, including the choice of creating an individualized course of study through special and joint major programs.

UB’s support for learning is superior. Whether you need academic or career planning advice, or even tutoring, we're ready to help you accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Though we’re a large and comprehensive university, UB is really made up of smaller, highly supportive learning communities. While some of these communities form more organically, UB also offers a number of formal programs that allow students to be engaged with their studies in a truly collaborative learning environment. These communities give students the chance to make connections and share similar academic interests with other students, faculty and staff. Finally, our outstanding libraries, computing facilities and courses that integrate computer learning are recognized throughout academia, and our extensive study abroad and internship programs offer even more exciting ways to learn.

Incoming Students: Apply to the University at Buffalo

Incoming freshman or undergraduate transfer applicants who are interested in pursuing Philosophy must first apply and be accepted to the University at Buffalo.

When applying, you should indicate your intended major on the application form. All relevant information, including admissions criteria; the online application; dates and deadlines; and standardized test score requirements, can be found by visiting UB Undergraduate Admissions.

Current Students: Request to Change to the Major or Minor

If you are a current undergraduate student requesting to change to the major (Bachelor of Arts) or minor in Philosophy, please complete and submit the CAS Major/Minor Change Application form. 

Submit the CAS Major/Minor Change Request form to request one of the following changes to your academic plan:

  • Add a major, minor, or certificate in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Drop any major
  • Drop any minor