Graduate Admissions

UB North.

While the graduate student applicant is expected to have a strong undergraduate background in mathematics, a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics is not required for admission.

—M.A.: Undergraduate degree, in general a grade-point average above 3.0 (based on a 4.0 system) is required.
—Ph.D.: Undergraduate degree, in general a grade-point average above 3.0 (based on a 4.0 system) is required.

Apply to UB using the  Online Graduate Application.  
Note that there is no form for recommendation letters: please ask those writing to use their own school letterhead. All items are uploaded to the application.

Deadlines: All application materials MUST BE in by January 15 for Fall admission with financial consideration.  The final admission deadline for Fall is April 30 and November 1 for Spring admission. For the Fall semester there will be other waves of review with possible consideration for financial assistance as more applications are completed.

Graduate Application

UB Requirements: Transcripts and Proof of Degree, in English, certified. Unofficial transcripts showing all coursework must be uploaded to the on-line application for review purposes. For international applicants, proof of degree conferral will need to be provided once you get here. Please bring official transcripts that show degree conferred and the date of conferral. Domestic applicants will have to have all official transcripts sent to the department that show the degree is conferred no later than three weeks prior to the start of the semester admitted. Also note that any transfer coursework transcripts used toward the degree must also be sent no later than three weeks prior to the start of the semester admitted as well.

Personal Statement This statement should describe your preparation (academic and related work/life experience) and motivation for graduate study. Describe academic areas of focus that you are interested in pursuing, interdisciplinary interests, career objectives and any other information that may be helpful to the admissions committee.

Recommendation Letters: three letters of recommendation are also required. Generally they are from former employers or former professors. 

GRE scores are NOT required. The GRE is optional for Spring/Fall 2021 admissions; both general and subject. If you decide to provide your score, the GRE institutional code is 2925, and the department's code is Mathematics code 0703, 0702, or 0701, only.

Official English Language Proficiency Scores
Foreign applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit a recent English Language proficiency score. Official copies are requested to be sent to the University. 

Official score minimums and requirements can be found on the Graduate School's proficiency requirements website.

Financial Documentation - required of all international applicants.

These figures are subject to change without notice. To show financial documentation, the following forms are needed:

1. The Financial Statement Form is available on-line at the International Admissions webpage

2. Upload either proof of financial support or an affidavit of support: To show financial support submit an official bank statement, or a certified copy verifying that you or your sponsor have the first year's funds on deposit. Proof of liquid assets will also be accepted. Please indicate the value in US dollar equivalent. For an affidavit of support form you need the original or certified copies also in U.S. dollars. Upload an official bank statement verifying funds on deposit. All documents (Financial Statement form, affidavits of support, and bank statements) must be dated within one year of enrollment at UB. Bring all original financial documents with you to present to UB International Admissions when you arrive here.

Visa/Passport: International applicants should note that a copy of your passport is required to process your application. If you are currently in the country, then a copy of the visa is also required. Domestic applicants must also provide a passport or other proof of citizenship for final processing as well. All these items need to be uploaded to the application.

Application Fee: The application fee is $75 in U.S. funds. Please pay the application fee on-line as you finish your application. This fee will not be waived, unless otherwise specified.

Deadlines: Applications are accepted anytime. To ensure full consideration for financial aid, apply by January 15 for Fall semester admission; and, November 1 for Spring semester admission. Applications need to have all documents and official test scores. All materials are uploaded directly to the application.

International Student Admission: Please see the UB Graduate School website, How to Apply.

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University Funding and Financial Aid

Fellowships and scholarships are among the most valuable forms of aid you can receive and are designed to support students who have exceptional academic records and potential, or demonstrate need.

Experience shows that students and families who take the time to understand their options benefit by receiving the maximum amount of eligible aid. The UB Financial Aid team is ready and willing to provide assistance as you navigate this process. 

The Office of Student Accounts provides up-to-date information on tuition and fees by semester. You can also receive walk-in assistance Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, at the Student Response Center, 1 Capen, North Campus.

College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards

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