Graduate Research

north campus.

Graduate students are involved in research at both the MA and PhD level. Students typically conduct research at the MA level as part of their MA thesis project. PhD students start research after passing their second qualifying exam and finding a thesis advisor.

There are four main research groups in the department: Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics and Geometry/Topology. As part of their training, students can participate in conferences and workshops in their area of specialization.

In some cases, professors support PhD students with Research Assistantships that give the student relief from teaching responsibilities.

Recent PhD Thesis

"Two Problems on Closed Geodesics in Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds"

"Fixed Points in the Dynamics of an Agricultural Pest Model"

"Boundary Value Problems for Linear and Nonlinear Wave Equations"

"Grid-based and Meshless Methods for the Computation of the Curvatures and Related Local Geometric Quantities of a 3D Surface"

"A Mathematical Model for Driven Dewetting and Self Assembly of Pulsed-Laser-Irradiated Metallic Films"

"On the Uniform Thickness Property and Contact Geometric Knot Theory"

"Cryptographic Boolean Functions: Thue-Morse Sequences, Weight and Nonlinearity"

"Size Estimates of Toeplitz and Hankel Operators on the Bergman and Fock Space"

"The Uniform Box Product Problem"

"On the Classification of Lengendrian rational tangles via characteristic Foliations of compressing discs"