Max Bileschi.

Max Bileschi

Max Bileschi

Max Bileschi distinguished himself at UB, graduating from the Honors College with dual bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics, plus a bachelor’s degree in computer science. In a school with nearly 30,000 students, Bileschi wasted no time getting noticed.

Bileschi's Math professors placed him on the URGE to Compute team, a rigorous, yearlong research apprenticeship awarded annually to 12 undergrads, sponsored by the National Science Foundation's CSUMS program. Bileschi dove into cryptography (encrypting sensitive information) while realizing just how far UB could take him.

“It was one of the first stepping stones for me,” Bileschi states “It opened everything up.”

Twitter developer Max Bileschi profiled in UB Alumni magazine, AtBuffalo