Non-matriculating Students

If you are interested in taking classes in the English Department on a non-matriculated basis, you will need to apply online using the Graduate School’s interactive form. Supporting materials must be submitted electronically, using the upload section near the bottom of the application. Acceptable formats include PDF, MS Word .doc or .docx, Text, HTML, jpeg, or other standard image file.

We require:

  1. an unofficial copy of your college transcript(s);
  2. a cover letter explaining your plans–what sorts of seminars you want to take and why;
  3. two letters of recommendation; and
  4. a 10-15 page writing sample–preferably a critical essay rather than a piece of creative writing.

You will also need to contact the professors you are interested in taking classes with, to see if they are willing to let you take their class.

Please note that admission to the graduate program as a non-matriculated student is at the Director of Graduate Admission's discretion. In addition, please note that you can only take a maximum of 9 credits as a nonmatriculated student; after that point, you have to decide whether or not to apply for admission to the graduate program.