Dr. Lisa Stephens quoted in FLEXspace Article

Published October 30, 2019

In an article recently published about FLEXspace, a newly developed learning space, UB professor Lisa Stephens, PhD, and colleagues were interviewed about the purpose and future plans for this innovative tool that they helped to develop.


Lisa Stephens, the Assistant Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, who also serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication was recently quoted in an article regarding FLEXspace. FLEXspace is an innovative tool that supports a highly-engaged community of experts, decision makers, influencers, and practitioners from higher education, K-12, libraries, museums and industry committed to improve learning space planning, design and implementation. “We are a global community of people scattered across 64 countries dedicated to supporting faculty and students through better learning environments,” said Dr. Stephens when asked to describe FLEXspace. This initiative was a large collaborative effort that begin in the State University System of New York, where Dr. Stephens served as an Original SUNY Innovative Instruction Space Repository (IISR) Contributor. In the article on Campus Technology’s website, they conducted a Q&A session with the FLEXspace leaders who helped to shape it from its original version to its many new features and applications. When asked “Can it (FLEXspace) now be used not only to find examples of existing learning spaces but also as a means to generate academic research on learning spaces?” Professor Stephens answered “The applied research piece has always been the predominant use for FLEXspace, but we're excited to be developing new tools to support academic research about learning spaces”. She also added, “Still, we haven't had a chance yet to think through a more unified approach to research on learning spaces. I think though, that once EDUCAUSE's Learning Space Rating System is stitched into it, that will really help drive additional interest in FLEXspace”.

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