Rintamaki Awarded Nila T. Gnamm Junior Faculty Research Fund

Published September 19, 2019

After being awarded the Nila T. Gnamm Junior Faculty Research Award, Dr. Lance Rintamaki and his Master's students were able to fund their research involving patient and physician prefernces towards the discussion of sexual health in Singapore. The research and outcomes from this study will help to better prepare clincians for handling these subjects in the future.

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate studies, Dr. Lance Rintamaki received the Nila T. Gnamm Junior Faculty Research Award, which supports research related to Southeast Asia region. This award funded Dr. Rintamaki and his Master's students, Chris Dobmeier and Erik Tingue on their research project. Their aim was to identify forms and frequencies of patient preferences for how physicians discuss sexual health, as well as factors influencing the likelihood of such preferences. Rintamaki and his students travelled to Singapore during summer 2019 to analyze Singaporean preferences for discussing sexual health in clinical encounters. The outcomes of this study will prepare clinicians with knowledge for better approaching these sensitive subjects with their patients.