Trump has declared a national emergency: Top radio hosts are not convinced

Published April 15, 2020

Dr. Yotam Ophir expresses his feelings of how several radio show hosts are feeling lax about the novel coronavirus. This is causing their listeners to think otherwise.

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In wake of COVID-19 President Trump has declared a national emergency for the United States. Now 160 million Americans have been urged to stay quarantined in their own homes due to the WHO’s (World Health Organization) order. Yet listeners of top radio shows such as Mark Levin’s radio program have been told that the coronavirus is a politically motivated overreaction. This has motivated Levin’s 11 million listeners to blatantly ignore self-quarantining, social distancing, and other behavioral changes that need to be implemented to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the virus. This is truly appalling and a clear disregard to the people that are working tirelessly to end this nightmare.

In light of these issues ProPublica recently interviewed Dr. Yotam Ophir, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication. Professor Ophir specializes in the effects of media in the health and sciences. The interview focused on Ophir’s feelings on what radio show hosts had to say about the seriousness of the virus, and how this issue can affect politics. In the interview Dr. Ophir stated, “When you turn something that is not political, like a disease, into a political question, you remove the legitimacy of trustworthy sources that tell you what to do. ” The current situation is certainly not political because it effects the health and status of this nation and its people. People need information, and it is important for news sources to remain apolitical.

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