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Lance Rintamaki.

Lance Rintamaki


Lance Rintamaki


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Health communication

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(* signifies co-authorship with student)

*Szatkowski, H., Peek, D. M., & Rintamaki, L. S. (in press). Our hearts are like boats: Using metaphor to make complex information understandable to patients. In A. Du Pre & E. Berlin­Ray, (Eds.), Real­life scenarios: A case study perspective on health communication. New York: Oxford.

*Brashers, D. E., Rintamaki, L. S., Basinger, E.d., Para, M., & Caughglin, J. P. (2017). Taking Control: The Efficacy and Durability of a Peer­Led Uncertainty Management Intervention for People Recently Diagnosed with HIV. Health Communication, 23, 11­21 (2010 ISI Impact Factor: 1.314).

*Reynolds ­Tylus, T., & Rintamaki, L. S., (2015). Strategic use of the Health Belief Model incrafting messages that promote condom use. In C. Noland (Ed.), Contemporary Studies of Sexuality and Communication, (pp. 389­404). New York: Kendall/Hunt.

*Kosenko, K., Rintamaki, L., & Manness, K. (2015). Patient­centered communication: The experiences of transgender adults. In L. Spencer & J. Capuzza (Eds.), Transgender communication studies: Histories, trends, and trajectories, (pp. 224­251). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

*Karras, E., Peek, D. M., & Rintamaki, L. S., (2015). Hearing doctor, Deaf pateint: A matter of time, pressure, and pain. In M. Brann (Ed.), Contemporary Issues in Health Communication: Theoretical and Practical Case Studies, second edition (pp. 113­128). New York: Kendall/Hunt.

*McCracken, B., Rintamaki, L. S., & Peek, D. M. (2015). Breaking bad news: The challenges and significance of the most delicate provider­patient communication. In M. Brann (Eds.), Contemporary Issues in Health Communication: Theoretical and Practical Case Studies, 2nd edition (pp. 35­46). New York: Kendall/Hunt.

*Akey, J., Rintamaki, L. S., & Kane, T. (2014). Optimal social supportive practices for healthcare professionals who treat patients managing eating disorders. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 145, 246­252. (2010 ISI Impact Factor: 1.682)

*Khalil, G., & Rintamaki, L. S. (2014). A televised entertainment­education drama to promote positive discussion of organ donation. Health Education Research, 29, 284­296.

Rintamaki, L. S., & Yang, J. Z. (2014). Advancing the Extended Parallel Process Model: The added value of response cost measures. Journal of Health Communication, 19, 759­774. (2010 ISI Impact Factor: 1.5)

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