Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Statement

The Department of Anthropology at the University at Buffalo and its faculty, staff, and students take pride in examining and appreciating cultures across all of human history. We believe that anthropological training is crucial to the cultivation of global competence in an increasingly culturally diverse and interconnected world. We also believe that anthropological training should be available to members of all communities, irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, class, age, and abilities.  

Our values inspire our rigorous, ongoing commitment to the principles of inclusion and social justice and to the dismantling of institutional and systematic practices and discourses of exclusivity, which privilege some groups over others. We are strongly committed to promoting the recruitment and full participation of those in different sociopolitical positions, and to maintaining a supportive work and learning environment where diverse perspectives and ideas are equally voiced and considered. Our commitment is manifest in our research, scholarship, and applied work; undergraduate and graduate teaching and mentoring; and, service to the university and the wider community.

Our efforts to maintain an inclusive and diverse department incorporate the following goals:

  • Recruiting and retaining faculty and students who represent the diversity of our community and discipline
  • Enhancing public awareness of diversity issues through ongoing field/ lab research, scholarship, and applied work
  • Incorporating diversity in teaching
  • Engaging, through professionalization events and close mentorship, in open dialogue about diversity issues
  • Developing and strengthening partnerships with community organizations working on diversity issues

We uphold UB’s mission to promote Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity . In keeping with UB’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy, discrimination and harassment of any type will not be tolerated.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Learn more about inclusive resources at UB including academic and research support, advocacy efforts, public events and partnerships with local community organizations through the Office of Inclusive Excellence.