Affiliate Faculty

Scott Branting

PhD, University at Buffalo
Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida
Co-Director, Kerkenes Dağ Archaeological Project, Turkey
Adjunct Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Near Eastern archaeology (especially that of Anatolia), science in archaeology (GIS, remote sensing, spatial analysis, modeling, etc.), landscape archaeology, transportation, settlement & urbanism, and social organization. 

Renee B. Cadzow

PhD, University at Buffalo
Assistant Professor, Health Services Administration, D'Youviille College
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Maternal and child health, nutrition and physical activity, ecology of health disparity, chronic disease, psychosocial stress and health, healthcare access, refugee health

Agne Civilyte

PhD, Ruprecht Karls University of Heidelberg
Lithuanian Institute for History, Department of Archaeology, senior researcher
Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests: European Bronze Age; technology and social development in prehistory; social theories; prehistoric warfare; memory in archaeology; cultural relations and identity in prehistory.

Raymond P. Dannenhoffer

PhD, University at Buffalo
Associate Dean for Support Service, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Physical anthropology, demography, heritability of infertility

Stephen Dyson

PhD, Yale University
Professor, Department of Classics
Adjunct Professor
Research Interests: Roman Italy, Sardinia

Sarah M. Elder

MA, Brandeis University
Professor, Department of Media Study
Adjunct Associate Professor
Research Interests: Ethnographic films, Native Americans, Eskimos

David M. Engel

JD, University of Michigan
Professor, Law School
Research Interests: Law and society, comparative law; Southeast Asia

K. Patrick Fazioli

PhD, University at Buffalo
Research Associate
Research Interests: Archaeology and historical anthropology of Central Europe during the Late Roman Empire and Early Middle Ages (c. 300-900 CE) including landscape archaeology, ceramic petrography, and the history of archaeology and anthropology.

Rebecca R. French

PhD, Yale Unviersity
JD, University of Washington
Professor, Law School
Adjunct Professor of Anthropology
Research Interests: Buddhism and law; Asian legal systems; Tibet, Nepal

Caroline Funk

PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Human decision-making in the context of environmental influence and impact: cognitive archaeology and landscape approaches in prehistoric, historic contact, and historic eras; hunter-gatherers in coastal landscapes: Aleutian Islands, Yukon – Kuskokwim Delta of Alaska, central Portugal; oral history, ethnohistory, settlement pattern analysis, faunal analysis, GIS, statistics.

PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Interests: mechanisms of SV formation among primates, gene duplications, ancient variation, Local adaptation and impact of culture to genetic variation

Hans Harmsen

PhD, University at Buffalo
Archaeologist/Curator,Greenland National Museum and Archives
Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests
: Human-natural systems; environmental uncertainty; coastal archaeology; industrial heritage; circumpolar Arctic; GIS and predictive modeling; disability advocacy.

Kimberly L. Hart

PhD, Indiana University
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Buffalo State
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Dr. Hart conducted ethnographic research in villages in western Turkey, 2000-2010. Her doctoral work explored the social, economic, and spiritual consequences of the commodification of a cultural heritage product, handwoven carpets in DOBAG, a women’s cooperative project. In her second project, she studied villagers’ engagement with state policies regarding Sunni Islam, the determination of some to remember cultural Islamic practices, and others to forget them in favor of a purified Islam.

Linda S. Kahn

PhD, UC Berkeley
Research Interests: Medical anthropology, health disparities, chronic illness, mental illness, community-based participatory research, North American society

Priyantha Karunaratne

PhD, UC San Diego
Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Archaeology in Sri Lanka; Early Iron Age, Bronze Age in central Asia; Mortuary archaeology.

Sanna Lipkin

PhD, University of Oulu
Finnish Cultural Foundation, Grant Researcher
Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Textile archaeology; Etruscan archaeology; social archaeology; death and burial archaeology

Susan Margulis

PhD, University of Chicago
Associate Professor, Canisius College
Research Professor
Research Interests: Evolutionary biology, animal communication

Will Meyer

PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Professional Development Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Social Sciences, Villa Maria College
Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Archaeology; Historical ecology; Landscape; Ethnohistory & folklore; Cultural memory & heritage; Feminist & queer anthropologies; Gender & sexuality; Religion, ritual, & magic; Europe; Eastern North America; Cultural diversity; Effective strategies for teaching & learning

Jennifer Muller

PhD, University at Buffalo
Adjunct Professor
Research Interests:  biological anthropology, bioarchaeology, human paleopathology, forensic anthropology, trauma-related morbidity and mortality, health disparities in disenfranchised people

Jennifer Ramsay

PhD, Simon Fraser University
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Archaeobotany, subsistence reconstruction, trade patterns, environmental change, land-use patterns

Mateo Taussig-Rubbo

PhD, University of Chicago
JD, Yale University
Professor, Law School
Adjunct Associate Professor
Research Interests: Gift, sacrifice and consecration as applied to modern political and legal situations. U.S. immigrants

Patricia K. Townsend

PhD, University of Michigan
Research Associate Professor
Research Interests: Environmental anthropology, medical anthropology, North America, Papua New Guinea

Livingston Vance Watrous

PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Professor, Department of Art History
Adjunct Professor
Research Interests: Eastern Mediterranean archaeology, Bronze Age Greece