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On May 2, undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Anthropology showcased their research projects in the Student Union to faculty and the university community at the 5th Annual Student Poster Competition.

The Department of Anthropology congratulates those graduate students named recipients of Mark Diamond Research Fund grants.


The Department of Anthropology congratulates those graduate students who were recently named fellowship and research grant recipients.


A collaboration between UB and a Buffalo school brings the Cravens Collection to a wider audience and fulfills the wish of the collection's benefactor.

“Homo Migrans: Modeling Mobility and Migration in Human History,” a two-day conference examining the long-term consequences of human movement, will take place April 7-8 at UB.

Students in the department's Museum Management course recently assisted local elementary students on creating artisitic interpretations of objects from the Cravens Collection at UB's Anderson Gallery.

Phillips Stevens, Jr.,  Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology, was recently interviewed about the religious and cultural beliefs behind several common superstitions. The video interview may be accessed at Business Insider.

The internationally renowned archaeologist has been appointed a SUNY Distinguished Service Professor.


UB's Carol Berman says Cayo Santiago, hit hard by Hurricane Maria, has enriched our understanding of what it is to be human.


The Buffalo News interviews Anthropology faculty Dr. Douglas Perrelli and Dr. Joyce Sirianni about their work in the exhumation and upcoming reinterment of the individuals buried at the former Erie County Almshouse site located at what is now the university's South Campus.


The ceremony and service will commemorate the lives of 372 people buried near the university’s South Campus.

The Buffalo News published a story covering members of UB's Archaeological Survey who recently spent two days in Fredonia, NY, working to uncover evidence of the first natural gas well in the United States. Although the team of archaeologists did not make any large discoveries, according to Archaeological Survey director, Dr. Douglas Perrelli, he expects to return to the site before winter and would like to bring back a larger field crew to conduct excavations next summer.

Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel provides a commentary in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in response to a new study theorizing how an agricultural-based diet effected skull morphology.


Many attempts to explain how past people experienced their wider world have focused on sight at the expense of sound, but researchers from the University at Albany and UB have developed a tool that puts sound back into the ancient landscape.


UB archaeologist Caroline Funk talks about a recent study that gives new meaning to the term “social science.”