Upcoming Events


Caroline Funk, Research Assistant Professor, will present a lecture entitled, "The Rat Islands Research Project - Human and Environment Intersections in the Rat Islands of Alaska," on Wednesday, November 8 at noon in 354 Fillmore Academic Center. All are welcome to attend.


Dr. Rosanne Higgins, University at Buffalo, will discuss the 2012 salvage archaeological excavation of a portion of the Erie County Poorhouse cemetery on the university's South Campus on Wednesday, October 18, at 12:00pm in 354 Fillmore Academic Center.


Megan Daniels, the 2017-18 IEMA Postdoctoral Fellow, will present an IEMA Lecture, "Resurrecting the Dying God in Archaic Greece: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of a Funerary Scene from the Sanctuary of Orthia at Sparta," on Wednesday, Oct. 4 in 354 MFAC from 12:30-1:30pm.


Dr. Donna Fernandes was Director and CEO of the Buffalo Zoo and will discuss with us her career as a zoologist.