Supporting Social Justice

Making the World a Better Place for All

How can we design more equitable cities? What does justice mean in today’s society? How do we ensure that diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of decision-making? At UB, we strive to address these (and other) essential questions, instill core values in our students, and create more just communities here in Buffalo—and far beyond.

Here Is How We Inspire Our Students

UB has a tradition of celebrating social justice, including the 1958 Bulls football team, which rejected an invitation for a bowl game that excluded black players. Today, our students, faculty and staff are involved in wide-ranging efforts to achieve social justice, including reducing disparities in health care, incorporating socially responsible business practices and advocating for underserved populations.

Here, we believe that students from all disciplines can make meaningful contributions through initiatives such as our Social Impact Fellows program, which brings together students from social work, law, management and other areas to develop innovative solutions to social issues. Your generous support will ensure that these types of life-changing opportunities will continue to shape our students—and our society—for generations to come.

UB volunteers assembling beds with a Buffalo non-profit.