Building a Better World

For a Safer, Stronger, Smarter Environment

Whether you’re driving to the store, working in an office or going online from the comfort of your home, your day is likely a never-ending stream of interactions with the outside world. At UB, we recognize the vast potential within each of these interactions—and countless others—as we continuously seek opportunities to improve efficiency, safety and quality of life through new advancements. 

Here Is How We Create a More Resilient, More Robust Planet

Earthquake-resistant bridges save lives and connect communities. Data-driven technology helps researchers discover new materials. Artificial intelligence lets physicians detect diseases and engineers revolutionize robotics. These are the types of groundbreaking advances that drive us at UB—one of the top public research universities in the country. 

From developing new construction methods and creating sustainable infrastructure to advancing software development technology, UB is a hub for students, faculty and researchers who are determined to have a bold impact. Here, we draw on the expertise of our engineers and scientists, architects and planners, and many others, including experts in ethics and the law. Your support makes it possible to equip world-class facilities, attract and retain skilled researchers, and deliver transformative experiences for our students.

UB Civil Engineering team investigates the frame of a complex building.