Engineering a Better Future

Chimere Alozie working in a lab.

Chimere Alozie was born in Brooklyn, NY, and moved to Nigeria as a teenager, and chose to attend UB to study civil engineering.

How the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences invested in Alozie’s future

“We’re getting bright young minds—like Alozie’s—excited about engineering the world’s future. ”

Recently, he was one of a group of UB undergraduates investigating microbial pollution at Western New York beaches. UB RENEW (Research and Education in eNergy, Environment and Water), an institute that focuses on the social and economic ramifications of complex energy and environmental issues, funded the project.

The University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is New York State’s biggest public engineering school (and its best). Our 7,100 engineering students—from more than 70 countries—mirror the multidisciplinary professional world that awaits all of our graduates.

We’re aiming higher than ever before: leveraging seven decades of research-driven, solutions-oriented engineering upward to an unprecedented level of excellence. Most importantly, we’re getting bright young minds—like Alozie’s—excited about engineering the world’s future.

Alozie was thankful for support from the UB Fund that freed him from working so he could gain valuable research experience. Alozie, who says he is most interested in skyscraper construction, hopes to someday work at a firm with a sustainable development focus.

Tackling Global Challenges in a Bold Way

UB is powerfully positioned to help solve humanity’s greatest global problems and to strengthen the economy in Western New York. Our emphasis on data-driven, results-oriented design and engineering holds the key to boosting efficiency, reducing costs and increasing sustainability across all sectors.

The UB Fund enables our students to turn cutting-edge research into real-world solutions. Each gift allows us to push the limits of science, engineering and computing to discover, design and create life-saving solutions.

You can invest in our world’s future

At UB, we think globally, but start locally. We’re committed to field-testing and sharing our expertise and breakthroughs here where we’re rooted and then taking them farther afield.

By making world-class education affordable and accessible to all exceptional students—through scholarships and exciting, hands-on experiences—we have the power to transform lives, careers and the world in remarkable ways. And you help make that possible.