How, Who and What We Become

Forty years ago, Carol Brewer went on a trip abroad with her husband that continues to change lives today.

Having the opportunity to experience life in an underdeveloped country opened her eyes to a global world view and had a profound influence on what she chose to do in her career—so she created the Carol S. Brewer Global Health Fund to provide similar opportunities for today’s nursing students. Watch her story and learn how the Boldly Buffalo campaign is an investment in our collective future.

This is Our World

At UB, we start local and go global. The challenges facing Buffalo—from health inequities and infant mortality to limited employment opportunities and aging infrastructure—are not unique to our region. That’s why we’re proud to offer unique experiential learning opportunities that enable students to apply their knowledge and insight within real-world contexts outside of the classroom.

Experiential learning opportunities let students apply their knowledge and insight within real-world contexts outside the classroom. These opportunities enable them to gain a heightened sense of civic responsibility, sharpen their critical thinking skills, and share their unique talents, interests, and passions with the world.

These opportunities—which are typically under the mentorship of researchers, faculty and community leaders—may include internships, volunteer assignments, part-time jobs, clinical experiences, faculty-mentored research and faculty-mentored engagement projects.

Places that change perspective

Invest in the Future.

Your investment in UB will make a difference for a cause that matters to you: whether you make a gift to the UB Fund, support a scholarship for one UB student, sustain the work of a professor who will inspire thousands, or fund a cancer cure that saves the lives of millions. Every gift counts!