Tribute by Robert Searns (MArch ’71)

Robert Searns.

Robert Searns (pictured then and now), reflects on the impact of John Paul Eberhard on the trajectory of his life and career. Searns was a member of the first class of students in UB's 'School of Architecture and Environmental Design.'

Published May 7, 2020

I was a 23 year old, 2nd year law student and law was just not igniting a passion. Serendipitously, I discovered John’s pioneering program inciting me to harness both my creative and analytical aspects.

They were seeking a law student to add to the diverse disciplines of the students in the class. It was hard to envision such a combination at the time.

John, and his fellow faculty members, became my mentors and gave me a powerful framework harnessing this combination and building what has been an amazing, challenging and joyful career over the half century the followed.

John’s multidisciplinary team approach and hands-on practicum’s gave me the skill sets and confidence that I would not have otherwise gained. For this I am so very grateful!

Robert Searns is the founding owner of The Greenway Team, a planning and development firm based in Denver, CO that has specialized for three decades in greenways, trails, and conservation.