University at Buffalo Calling

Did you receive a call from 716-645-8973? That’s a UB student calling you. Don’t be shy, answer the call!

Get a call from 716-645-8973? It's a UB student hard at work for University Advancement showing their dedication and love for UB as they manage communications for various events where they reach out making almost a million calls to alumni, students, and the community.

UB students calling from 716-645-8973 at the University Advancement phonathon center.

Who we are

We’re a group of 50 student callers who are on the phones nightly to raise awareness of the university’s achievements and to encourage UB alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends to show their commitment to the university’s mission by contributing a donation. We feel fortunate that we’re able to work in this role, connecting with alumni and helping to raise funds to support the university.

The student phonathon center is connecting UB one call at a time! Over the course of the year we make more than 850,000 calls and connect with approximately 25,000 members of the UB community. What better way to hear about the importance of supporting UB than from those of us who are benefitting from your generosity right now!

Students calling from 716-645-8973 at University Advancement phonathon office.

Students are integral in UB's history of philanthropy making calls from University Advancement's phonathon offices.

Why we're calling

UB’s student phonathon center is part of University Advancement, employing students each year encouraging a culture of philanthropy throughout the university. The conversations we have with alumni and friends help generate more than $3 million in much-needed financial support allocated to enhancing academic innovation, empowering personal transformation, engaging outside the classroom, developing empowered entrepreneurs, creating inspiring learning landscapes and providing financial assistance. 

Over 16,500 people make annual gifts helping improve people's lives, their generous donations build upon the legacy of UB.