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New name for a new magazine?

I really enjoyed Carol Gloff’s article in the Fall 2013 issue of UB Today, and I agree with her message about the changes in the magazine and the reasons behind them [“Doing it better for our readers,” Alumni Association president’s message]. I am a graduate of UB (Class of 1957) and two other colleges thereafter. Since you are in the process of “making renovations,” I respectfully suggest that the name of our magazine be changed from “UB Today” to something else.

Rita Derrico Ganim (AAS ’57)
West Seneca, N.Y.

A nostalgic walk through nature

I was incredibly excited to read your excellent conversation with Sandy Geffner and Nick Peterson in the fall 2013 issue [“In the Woods”]. Ten years ago, I walked through Letchworth Woods as an undergraduate environmental studies student and saw the woods through Sandy’s eyes—that is to say, in a different way than I had ever seen a natural place before. Sandy taught us about “hen of the woods” mushrooms on these class walks, too, and after one class, I remember harvesting just a few and cooking them later that night. Ten years on, my fiancée and I celebrated our engagement at a beautiful restaurant in Vermont called—wait for it—Hen of the Woods. Thanks to Sandy for so many things, including this little memory, and for broadening my understanding of my own neighborhood.

Jim Simon (MS ’07, BA ’05)
Buffalo, N.Y.

Clarifying cricket

After years of joking with a friend about how high the ERA of the pitchers in cricket are, it was nice to learn after reading the article on cricket in the fall issue of UB Today [“Jiminy Cricket”] that the proper term is bowler, and that the high numbers are more closely associated with bowling averages in America than baseball pitchers’ ERAs. The article also explained a little bit about how the game is played, allowing me and my friend to speak more intelligently about the scores we hear on the BBC in the mornings on our way to work.

Ron Balter (BA ’80)
Brooklyn, N.Y.

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