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Top Five with Amy Richardson, BA ’06

Founder/owner/designer of Little Hip Squeaks baby and toddler online clothing store

Illustration by Kevin Rechin

When Amy Richardson was pregnant with her son, she received a garish onesie emblazoned with a froggie from an in-law. “There’s no way I’m putting my child in this,” she thought. And that’s more or less how Little Hip Squeaks—Richardson’s Brooklyn-based company that makes originally designed clothing for babies and toddlers—got its start.
    With its emphasis on bold colors and classic patterns, Little Hip Squeaks has attracted the attention of both consumers (the company has more than 25,000 followers on Instagram) and the industry. It has been featured on, on and in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine, and was nominated in 2013 for a Martha Stewart American Made award.
    We asked Richardson for her top five no-nos when it comes to clothes for the wee set.

Five tips on how not to dress your kid:

1. Black out
“In New York, everybody’s kid is dressed in gray or black. It’s the typical angsty toddler look. I try to keep it more fun.”

2. Arrrrrgh you kidding?
“Shirts with pirates, animals or cute sayings like ‘Daddy’s Little Helper’ are just tacky.”

3. Big bows are a big no
 “Those giant oversized bows that are twice the size of the kid’s head—they make you want to throw up in your mouth a little.”

4. No Docs, no Crocs
“Doc Martens for kids cannot be comfortable, because they’re not comfortable for adults. And Crocs are a definite no-no.”

5. Fling the bling
“Jewelry on toddlers is so creepy, and it gets in the way of them having fun. You want your kid to look cool, not get her chain caught on the slide on the playground.”