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The Integrity Blog explores timely issues regarding honesty, responsibility, and fairness in academic settings. Every day institutions of higher education face ethical and moral challenges. This blog both acknowledges the current environment and offers students an opportunity to discuss these dilemmas in an effort to promote integrity here at the University at Buffalo.

Written by Maria Disorbo, Graduate Assistant

Last week the Office of Academic Integrity gave out six awards for distinction in academic integrity to one student and five faculty and staff members. These awards are given out to members of the UB community that set an example for others through their commitment to integrity. This can be done in many ways: modeling academic integrity for others, demonstrating commitment to integrity through new initiatives, acting with courage while confronting dishonesty, upholding these standards beyond the normal expectation, and exhibiting the values set forth by the International Center for Academic Integrity.

This year’s student winner was Winifred Mei who is a DDS graduate student. Winifred’s efforts were noted in her reviving the School of Dental Medicine’s Student Professionalism and Ethics Association (SPEA).

Our five faculty and staff winners were from various areas across the university. Dr. David Emmanuel Gray from the Department of Philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences won for his proactive approach to integrity in the classroom. Dr. Gray does this through honor agreements, philosopher’s stones to be used for extensions when needed and his clear communication of expectations in his classes.

Dr. Oliver Kennedy from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering won this distinction because of his new initiatives started in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Dr. Kennedy is most noted for serving on the Promoting Academic Integrity Committee and co-authoring the new departmental values statement.

Kaeleigh Peri, also from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences won also for her focus on new initiatives in SEAS, specifically in the programs she is the senior graduate advisor for. Kaeleigh has created an honesty contract and started the development of a remedial bootcamp for all incoming students in her programs. Kaeleigh has offered support and encouragement to many faculty members in her programs with processing academic dishonesty cases.

Dr. Sarahmona Przybyla from the School of Public Health and Health Professions has also been nominated for her focus on new initiatives. Dr. Przybyla was most noted for her eager response in helping the Office of Academic Integrity roll out the pilot course for all incoming students in SPHHP. This course will be rolled out to all incoming undergraduate and graduate students beginning in Fall 2023.

Dr. David Salac from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has been awarded this distinction for his close eye on academic integrity in his courses. Dr. Salac takes academic integrity very seriously and ensures that those students that are completing their work honestly are not being cheated out by those who do not complete their work honestly.

Congratulations to our six winners! You can find the full bios for our winners here: While you’re there be sure to check out our award winners from last year at this link:

Every year the Office of Academic Integrity asks students, faculty, and staff to nominate fellow UB members for this distinction. As you finish up this semester and begin the Fall 2023 semester, keep an eye out for those around you that go above and beyond with academic integrity. The nomination form for this award can be found here: