Micro-Credential in Academic Ethics

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The micro-credential in Academic Ethics focuses on ethical practices in the classroom and beyond. By exploring academic ethics through professional development, fieldwork, and reflection, this micro-credential helps you develop ethical skills to enhance your academic pursuits and subsequently prepares you for a professional career with integrity.

Benefits of the Program: As Student Integrity Ambassadors pursuing this micro-credential, you will be able to-

  • Communicate critical terminology and concepts related to academic ethics.
  • Support the Office of Academic Integrity in promoting the value of academic integrity at UB.
  • Connect the values of academic integrity to academic and professional success.
  • Develop professional competencies in conjunction with the NACE model.
  • Critically think about and enhance ethical practices in your workplace and community.
  • Promote the University at Buffalo as a leader in academic integrity practices.


Credit or Non-Credit:

Who is Eligible: 
Current UB students only

Instruction Method: 
In Person (no sections offered online)

GPA Requirement:
Minimum of 2.5

Time to Completion:
Two Semesters

Skills Obtained: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Teamwork and Collaboration, Professionalism, Oral and Written Communication, Leadership

To Apply / Requirements: A major component of this micro-credential is the volunteer Student Integrity Ambassador (SIA) program. SIA applications open each spring semester, and students can indicate whether they would like to pursue the micro-credential alongside their ambassadorship. For the micro-credential, ambassadors must serve a minimum of 75 hours.

In addition to serving for two semesters as a Student Integrity Ambassador, you will complete a capstone project. Through the capstone project, you will incorporate your knowledge of academic ethics into a final essay regarding current events or current policy issues.

For more information, please contact:

Loretta Frankovitch
Assistant Director, Office of Academic Integrity