2021-22 Academic Integrity Award Winners

Student Distinction in Academic Integrity Award

Anna Lawrence smiling with curly hair and glasses wearing a pearl necklace.



Anna Lawrence
Law Student

Anna was praised for her work as an undergraduate Teaching Assistant by SUNY Distinguished Professor of Law James Gardner. Despite being an undergraduate herself at the time, Anna maintained professionalism in dealing with her peers as she assisted Professor Gardner in moving through the academic integrity process in his LAW 101 class. Anna exhibited “great courage and deep, internalized respect for the fairness that academic integrity rules institutionalize.”

Faculty Distinction in Academic Integrity Awards

Ethan Blanton smiling with a long beard, shirt, and bag strap on his shoulder.

Ethan Blanton
Assistant Professor of Teaching in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Blanton was awarded for his work in promoting high academic integrity standards in both his own courses and the Computer Science Department at large. In his own teaching, Dr. Blanton has developed a website, instructional videos, and an academic integrity quiz to ensure that CSE students understand policies and procedures. At the departmental level, Dr. Blanton chairs the Promoting Academic Integrity Committee which, among other things, has produced a departmental Values Statement explaining that, “Integrity is the basis of trust. Without trust the community has no value.” 

James Jensen smiles. He has shorter hair and a goatee, and is wearing glasses and a button down shirt.



James N. Jensen
Professor of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Jensen has exhibited a long-standing commitment to academic integrity through years of presentations on minimizing academic dishonesty through classroom management, as well as service on numerous adjudication committees. Most notably, however, Dr. Jensen co-chaired the UB Academic Integrity Committee from 2015-2017, overseeing a campus-wide review of existing attitudes, concerns, and procedures. These efforts resulted in new policies, streamlined procedures, and recommendations for a centralized Office of Academic Integrity.

John Ringland smiling. He has short hair and is wearing glasses and a suit and tie.



John Ringland
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Ringland’s extensive work in establishing a successful remote proctoring system for math exams during the COVID-19 pandemic garnered him nominations from six individuals! In addition to designing the processes and authoring test procedural manuals for students, proctors, and instructors, Dr. Ringland developed a computer program to analyze exam timing and test behaviors. His sustained and concerted efforts allowed the math department to confidently uphold academic integrity in the hundreds of assessments that took place during remote-learning semesters.