Promote Academic Integrity

How to Promote Academic Integrity in the Classroom

  • Get to know your students. The more connection they feel to you, the less likely they are to cheat.
  • Include information about the academic integrity policy and what it means in your course/field of study, in your syllabus.
  • Facilitate a discussion about academic integrity in the classroom, including standards, norms and discipline. Give specific examples.
  • Use accessible language when you talk or write about academic integrity.
  • Recognize that students from other parts of the world may have learned a different set of norms around academic integrity.
  • Model academic honesty in your teaching by pointing out where and how you cited information on slides, etc.
  • Consistently enforce academic integrity standards and address all acts of academic dishonesty.
  • Be explicit about what are not legitimate resources for help. If you want students to avoid Chegg or Course Hero, for example, make that clear.
  • Be explicit about acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

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