Report Academic Misconduct

There are two different forms for reporting academic misconduct, depending on the nature of the infraction. Students are typically only charged with one offense, so use the descriptions below to determine the most appropriate form for your use. If you need assistance, please contact our office.

Report Academic Dishonesty

To report a case of academic dishonesty in the classroom, complete the Academic Dishonesty Report form. This form should be submitted for all academic integrity infractions, regardless of severity. 

Report Improper Distribution of Course Materials

To report a student who has provided course materials to companies for posting or selling without instructor permission, complete the Improper Distribution of Course Materials Report Form. Students can only be charged with this policy violation if the instructor has included an explicit written directive in the course syllabus. Note: Students who post questions to companies to receive answers (such as should be charged with Academic Dishonesty. Students should be charged with the improper distribution of course materials violation when they post materials for the purpose of sharing rather than cheating.