Student Integrity Ambassadors

The Office of Academic Integrity has Student Integrity Ambassadors to provide support to students and faculty in upholding integrity on campus. If you would like to connect with an ambassador, contact the Office of Academic Integrity.

Meet Our Student Integrity Ambassadors

Aniruddh Devaiya.

Aniruddh Devaiya

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Surat, India

"[Integrity means] it’s our ability and our independent will to make and create commitments to ourselves."

Thomas Mahoney.

Thomas Mahoney

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Brockport, NY

"[Integrity means] picking my conscience over the easy way out."

Snigdha Motadaka.

Snigdha Motadaka

Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

Hometown: South India

"[Integrity means] being unaltered by negative influences."

Vanesa Rodriguez.

Vanesa Rodriguez

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Long Island, NY

"Integrity means being ethical and being proud of your honesty."

Ankita Shome.

Ankita Shome

Major: Economics (Minor in Entrepreneurship)

Hometown: Mumbai, India

"[Integrity means] having a consistent character and staying true to your values."

Adarsh Sivadas.

Adarsh Sivadas

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: India

"[Integrity means] doing the right thing even in the most challenging times."

Grace VerWeire.

Grace VerWeire

Major: Legal Studies

Hometown: Rochester, NY

"Integrity means hard work and dedication to me."

What Our Ambassadors Do

Student Ambassadors can help students and staff in upholding academic integrity on campus, in various ways. Our ambassadors can:

  • Offer academic integrity presentations to first-year or transfer seminars.
  • Offer workshops for students on time management or study skills.
  • Provide mentorship to peers who need extra support regarding academic integrity.
  • Host study nights during exam time.