Diversity and Inclusion

A healthy and positive community that empowers all members -- that's our goal.  It is our ongoing mission to welcome diverse members to strengthen our perspective to assure that everyone feels welcomed and that their needs are met.  Every type of diversity is a strength to our community whether it be socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, linguistic, national, religious, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  In addition, people with physical and intellectual disabilties or differences, enrich our community with their perspectives.  Through welcoming new members, honest dialogue, soliciting feedback, and ongoing research, our goal is to continually improve our ability to make our community work for everyone. 

In recent years, we have found that centering the intertwining approaches of antiracism and translingualism ultimately benefits the entire community.  Learn more about our most recent antiracism initiative here:  its history, our statement, our plan, our events and the resources that have informed our approach. 

Our writing center is situated on the land in the territory of the Seneca Nation, a member of the Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy, a region still home to the Haudenosaunee people.  We are thankful that our community is situated in this territory and hope to contribute to its wellbeing through the dialogue that occurs here.  

Welcome to the conversation.