For Faculty and Staff

The CEW supports faculty in the classroom, in curriculum development, and in their own projects.

The CEW’s mission is to support UB writers at every level (student, faculty and staff) and at any stage of the writing process. We primarily do so through our individual consultation services.
Below is a menu of workshops and presentations available through the CEW. Workshops will be offered each semester, and we may also be able to bring these to your group on an outreach basis. While we are no longer able to do customized workshops, feel free to suggest a workshop topic that you feel would benefit the UB community and we may be able to develop and offer it in the future. Inquire at
Are your graduate students getting stalled out in the final stages of their programs?  Joining a writing group or a dissertation retreat is a great way to keep the momentum going!  
The Center for Excellence in Writing encourages faculty to integrate writing into their curriculum in order to help students synthesize and transfer knowledge and get involved in the discourse of the discipline.  We are happy to meet with individual faculty members to talk about any concern you might have with the use of writing in your course.  In addition to our faculty workshops, the following resources might be of help.  
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