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The Center for Excellence in Writing is offering synchronous online appointments during the Winter session, starting January 4.  You can schedule an appointment now! 

Our caring consultants are ready to provide you with a friendly, supportive conversation about your writing through a virtual experience that is as beneficial as our in-person consultations. 

If you have questions or need assistance in navigating the WCOnline platform, please contact the CEW at writing@buffalo.edu . 

The CEW is a very welcoming resource on campus. As a transfer student in my second semester, I am very appreciative of their welcoming environment since it makes me feel like I fit in on campus.

Community News

I love working with writers at the CEW because every session offers a puzzle that creates a dialogue of perspective between myself and the writer.
Zhi has been using the Center for Excellence in Writing at UB for about a year, striving to improve his writing abilities beyond just a particular assignment. Although he describes writing as his weakest subject, through hard work and a little help from the CEW he has become quite strong in his “weakest subject” and continues to hone his writing skills. [Read more here ►]
It seems to be the simplest idea about dissertation writing: to successfully write your dissertation, you must sit down and write your dissertation! Yet, translating this into practice is perhaps the most difficult part. Join us as teogther we develop thoughtful strategies for completing the task! Read more here.
The CEW remains open to help everyone with their writing! During the COVID-19 situation, we have moved to our services online, and even introduced some new services! Click here for more on how we're here for you.