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We support students, faculty and staff and enjoy working with international and multilingual students. At our main site, 209 Baldy, our peer consulting service can help with any type of writing: essays, reports, dissertations, articles, personal statements, emails…anything! If you compose it, we will work with you on it. We also support UB by doing workshops, presentations and hosting special programs. We hold writing retreats and can help your department with writing support initiatives such as special workshops, writing groups, or in-house retreats.

At the Digital Composition Lab in 128 Capen, we extend our services to aid writers in integrating digital components into their compositions or in developing digitally mediated works.

Austin Nagelhout

Katie Weaver is the CEW’s latest featured consultant.  Katie is a Senior in Legal Studies.

"For me, the most rewarding part of working with writers at the CEW is helping people feel like they’ve been heard. Everyone has a story to tell or an insight to share, and occasionally we run into obstacles in getting our message across. It’s a very exciting opportunity when I get to help tear down those walls. When it 'clicks' with a writer that what they’re saying matches up with what they’re thinking, I feel like I’ve had an impact."

Shermin Sultana

Shermin Sultana is our newest featured writer! Shermin is a junior, majoring in Health and Human Services and Social Sciences here at UB and plans to pursue her Master’s. She wants to go on to be a social worker or councelor. Shermin enjoys spending time with her family and watching investigative crime TV shows. She likes UB, even though it is huge, since there’s a lot to learn here and it’s very diverse.

The CEW is celebrating National Poetry Month all April long! We invite everyone to celebrate with us! Submit an original or favorite poem to with NPM as your subject, or message us on facebook, twitter, or instagram. We'll share submitted poems on our social media pages! Have fun and keep writing!

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Online consultations will no longer be available at the main center (CEW) except on Sundays. Instead, online appointments will be held at the Digital Composition Lab (Capen 128 in the Silverman Library). To make an online appointment, follow the instructions here: Online Appointments.