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The Center for Excellence in Writing will be offering a convenient and flexible offering of in-person, remote and asynchronous "e-tutoring" forms of writing support for Fall 2021. 

Summer conferences, offered remotely through our website are available now!  

We will be closed for Fall planning between August 16 - 27.


The CEW is a very welcoming resource on campus. As a transfer student in my second semester, I am very appreciative of their welcoming environment since it makes me feel like I fit in on campus.

Community News

At the CEW, I love the opportunity to hear about other students' research and interests. Working with students on research papers, projects, and dissertations on topics from Eurovision, titanium implants, and Buffalo's urban planning, I've been able to expand my own knowledge significantly beyond my own research focus of Roman archaeology. Though these topics may not directly relate to my own field of study, talking through every part of the process, from planning to sources to clearly explaining complex processes has helped my own methods for approaching my dissertation.  We're all in school to learn, and I consider myself very lucky to be able to learn from my consultants as we tackle the daunting task of writing.
Anoop Kiran was a seasoned writer before ever coming to the CEW, but when the stakes were high, he knew he had to go the extra mile to make sure his writing stood out. Working with the CEW, he became a more versitile and more powerful writer, ready to take on high stakes fellowship applications without fear. [Read more here ►]
Motivation is an internal energy force that is required for the direction of effort in our pursuit of a goal. It is natural that we will have ebbs and flows of this energy in the prolonged dissertation journey. However, it pays to be mindful about our sources of motivation, helping us renew our energy and work. Read the full story here.
The CEW remains open to help everyone with their writing! During the COVID-19 situation, we have moved to our services online, and even introduced some new services! Click here for more on how we're here for you.