• Scheduling

    Our appointment policies help us to see as many writers as possible. They help us to be fair and to keep our traffic running smoothly. We thank you for your cooperation. Though our appointments are scheduled on the hour, expect the standard consultation to last approximately 45 minutes. This gives our consultants the ability to complete their client notes and prepare for their next consultation.

  • Editing

    The CEW is not an editing or proofreading service. That means we will not go through your paper line-by-line locating and correcting errors for you.  Like writing centers across the nation, the CEW's mission is to contribute to your development as a writer.  If you struggle with the editing or proofreading stage of writing or are getting negative feedback on your sentence mechanics or style, we will gladly help you improve in this area.  We recommend that you finish the development and organization of your draft before polishing sentences, so be sure to allow time in your writing process for both a revision stage and an editing/proofreading stage.  Whatever you choose to work on with us,   you will be actively involved in the process because you are the writer! 

    For graduate students with late stage, high stakes projects, we do maintain a list of editing services that are either paid for by your graduate student fee or that can be acquired on a freelance basis. If English is not your native language, you may need to be actively involved in the editing process to assure your meaning is preserved.  If that is the case, inquire about our co-editing service (more information on our FAQ page).

  • Co-editing Services

    Sometimes an editing service can be an efficient and time saving method for error correction; other times, however, especially for multilingual writers, an editor at a distance would not be able to preserve your meaning in the process of editing. Syntax or word choice issues may require discussion in order to make the correct editorial decision and convey the writer's ideas clearly and accurately. In this case, working one-to-one is important.

    We've created a co-editing service for multilingual students working on high stakes projects. This process tends to proceed line by line, but involves discussion and negotiation over the meaning intended by the writer. The process of co-editing can be very slow, so sometimes it is appropriate to use a combination of consulting and editing services. During the co-editing process, the session may also zoom out to more global issues such as organization or rhetorical strategy. A three session per week limit applies.

  • Late Policy

    If you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment may be given to a walk-in client. In that case, you may be seen as a walk-in by the next available consultant or you can reschedule your appointment.

  • Maximum Visit Policy

    Each writer may schedule up to three appointments per week during regular academic semesters.  This limit applies to appointments in both of our locations (Main Center and Writing Lab).  Only one visit is allowed per day.  During Winter and Summer sessions, because of reduced staffing and hours, the limit is 2 appointments per week.  These limits are imposed in order to make our services widely available to the UB Community. Please discuss with the Director should you wish to request additional support due to unique circumstances.  

  • Excessive Cancellation Policy

    Because there are many writers vying for available appointment times, making and then cancelling more than five appointments in the space of a semester will result in the ability to make appointments being disabled, and the writer will have to walk-in to see a consultant. After establishing a track record of use, scheduling privileges can be reinstated by our administrator.    

  • Missed Appointment Policy

    If three appointments are missed without cancelling at least an hour in advance, your ability to make appointments in our system will be disabled, and you will have to walk in to see a consultant. After a track record of use has been established, scheduling privileges can be reinstated by our administrator.

  • Moving Appointments

    On occasion, your appointment may need to be moved from one consultant to another. For example, if an undergraduate student has made an appointment with a graduate level consultant, we may move that writer to an undergraduate consultant so that graduate consultants are available for graduate writers. We will also move appointments if a graduate student has inadvertently made an appointment with an undergraduate. In other instances, we may need to rearrange appointments if a staff member has called out sick. In every case, we arrange appointments with the best interests of our writers in mind.  We try not to move students who have ongoing meetings with a specific consultant.   If our moving an appointment creates a hardship for you, please just bring it to our receptionist's attention.  They will enlist a TA to see if we can rectify the situation.  As always we thank you for your patience and flexibility.  

Please discuss any special circumstances with a CEW administrator. Our intent is to see as many UB writers as we can and to ensure quality consultations.