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We support students, faculty and staff and enjoy working with international and multilingual students. At our main site, 209 Baldy, our peer consulting service can help with any type of writing: essays, reports, dissertations, articles, personal statements, emails…anything! If you compose it, we will work with you on it. We also support UB by doing workshops, presentations and hosting special programs. We hold writing retreats and can help your department with writing support initiatives such as special workshops, writing groups, or in-house retreats.

Max Kalnitz

“Working at the CEW has allowed me to meet students from all walks of life and, unexpectedly, taught me about different cultures and traditions. I try to talk with every student about who they are and where they come from. My favorite part of being a consultant is making these small connections with students. Whether it’s connecting over a study abroad experience I had in a student’s hometown or reading an essay on my favorite book, each consultation is different and keeps me on the edge of my seat every time I walk in the office. Working as a consultant has been my favorite and most rewarding job. It’s defined my undergraduate experience and opened doors I couldn’t have imagined."

Shermin Sultana

Meet our newest featured writer, Meejas Shrestha!
Meejas has come to the CEW to work on many different kinds of projects, from papers and theses to personal statements and applications. He feels the CEW consultants have helped him “build up understanding” in his writing in addition to helping on grammar and improving his English skills overall. Meejas believes that the help he received from Patricia and Matt and their advice to frame his personal statement as a story contributed to his acceptance to graduate school.

David Strittmatter

Meet David Strittmatter, the latest Write Through scholar. While Strittmatter's story models speedy dissertating, he accentuates the importance of self-care and focuses primarily on task, rather than time, management. “What tasks require more brain power than others? Do those during your peak productivity hours,” he advises, "All of it needs to be done." Strittmatter reminds that you don't have to wait till everything is done to start writing. Writing is a process. "Allow yourself to figure it out along the way."

Randi Moore

For faculty who infuse writing into their curriculum, the CEW offers a Faulcty Support workshop series. Check out our faculty support page for the full semester schedule. Any questions can be directed to