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Using the Teaching Station Computer in the Technology Classroom

Operating System: Windows and in some locations Macintosh OS X

Applies To: UB instructors

Last Updated: August 24, 2018

VIDEO: Selecting Computers and Devices in Teaching Stations

Using the Teaching Station Internal PC

Is the Computer Turned On?

If the power button on the computer in the cabinet is not lit, press it. It may take a minute for the touch panel to connect.

Crestron touch panel

Press the Internal PC on left side of the touch panel. 

Using the Teaching Station Internal Mac

Crestron touch panel

Press Internal Mac to select this computer.

In some classrooms, the PC and Mac share the keyboard and mouse.

Logon and Restart

The teaching station is automatically logged in to the network using a special account setup for this configuration. Remember, before you leave, to close all applications including Web browsers to clear all open sessions.

ubitname login

You may use your UBITName to log in. Double click the UBITName Login icon on the left to log off the special account and enter your UBITName and password when prompted.


It's important to restart the computer when you are finished so that your access to UB services and personal email can not be compromised. Double click the Restart icon to clear all open sessions.

Common Questions

Why is the classroom computer asking for login information?

Sometimes instructors log in using their own UBITName.  Click the Restart icon on the left to restore the computer to the default configuration.

Why is the monitor not working?

If the small power button on the lower right side of the monitor is not lit, press it.  Sometimes you may need to press the keyboard space bar a few times to wake up the computer.

Contact the UBIT Help Center

Have a UBITName? You may also use the UBIT Help Center Online (login required).

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Use your email ONLY if you have access to it