Free online cyber security awareness training for UB employees

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Published August 11, 2020

Learn how to effectively prevent, detect and respond to information security threats with online training tailored for the UB community.


All UB employees are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of these free online security awareness courses. To get started, request access by visiting the UBIT website.

Human error. Conquered.

Why is it important for you and your team to be trained in cyber security awareness, especially when UB works so hard to keep our systems and data safe

Cyber security is a partnership. UB’s security infrastructure is robust, but ultimately it’s individual members of our UB community who have the power to avoid phishing attempts and other attacks designed to exploit individuals for the purposes of cyber crime.

That’s where these online courses come in. They are provided by KnowBe4, a cyber security awareness company whose mission is to “[enable employees] to make smarter security decisions, every day.”

By educating yourself about cyber security before an attack, you’ll not only empower yourself with the skills needed to work with data in the 21st century—you’ll also automatically make your UB colleagues safer too! You’ll be able to apply what you learn not only to your professional life, but in everything you do online.

Go deeper into cyber security

Free online cyber security awareness training is just one resource available to UB employees. To find more information about staying safe online, visit