Security recommendation: upgrade your UB VPN client

Students sitting on a porch using laptops.

Members of the UB community connecting from off campus.

Published December 7, 2020

Working from home? The UB VPN can be an important tool to help you securely connect to UB resources that might be otherwise unavailable from off campus. Make sure you have the latest version of UB’s preferred VPN software downloaded and installed from the UBIT website.

The UBIT website offers the latest and more secure version of UB’s recommended VPN client for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

If you’re connecting to work resources on a personal device, it is important to download and install the latest version of the VPN software as soon as possible, in order to protect university-related data, including your own.

If you’re using the UB VPN on a UB-owned device, your IT support staff will automatically keep your machine’s software, including the VPN client, up to date.

What is the UB VPN? How does it help me stay safe?


The UB VPN creates a secure connection from off-campus locations while you’re accessing UB services that are typically only accessible from on-campus, like HUB, library resources and more. “We provide secure, remote access to university resources so UB community members and partners can leverage them no matter how they work, or where that work takes them,” said Mark Herron, UB Information Security Officer. “By effectively securing remote access, we add important additional protections to both devices and accounts.”

Get Help with Working Remotely

Contact the UBIT Help Center—visit or call 716-645-3542—if you’re having trouble connecting to and using UB online resources from off campus.