Students: Three easy ways to use two-step verification with your UBITName account

A student looks at his phone in the snow.

Published November 18, 2019

Two-step verification, powered by Duo, provides extra security to your UBITName account. Duo is now required for all UB students when logging into MyUB, HUB, UBlearns and other UB online services. When you set it up, you’ll be asked to select at least one option for verifying your login.


Adding multiple options is highly recommended, in case you ever find yourself without access to your main second-step option when logging in.

Luckily, everyone at UB has several options for how they log into their account with two-step verification. Setting up additional two-step options is easy, and can be done any time from the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager

Here are three easy options that students can choose for your UBITName accounts, to make sure you can log in when you need to.

Duo Mobile app

Most people at UB choose the Duo Mobile app for iOS/Android as their primary second step. Available for phones and tablets, the Duo Mobile app is by far the easiest option for a second-step.

Actually, Duo Mobile provides two options in one.

You can request a Duo Push, which sends a notification to your device where you can approve the login without leaving your notification screen. If your device is in hand, the whole process of verifying your login with a Duo Push takes seconds.

You can also use the Duo Mobile app to generate one-time-use passcodes you can use anywhere—no Wi-Fi, mobile data or carrier service required. Just click “Enter a Passcode” on the Duo panel when logging in.

Paper backup codes

The Duo Two-Step Verification Manager can generate ten backup codes for you to print out and use in place of another two-step option.

Generating and printing these codes only takes a minute, and is well worth it if you’re ever without your other two-step options. By printing these codes and keeping them in your purse wallet or backpack, you can greatly increase the odds that you’ll have a way to securely access your account at all times.

Printed passcodes from the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager can be used in any order. However, when you generate new codes using this method, any old codes you generated are automatically invalidated.

USB Security Key

Duo supports most popular USB security keys, including YubiKey and Google Titan. If you’re already using a USB security key for other accounts, you can visit the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager and add it as a second-step for your UBITName account too.

USB security keys are easy to set up and use. Once enrolled, there’s no software to install—as long as you’re on a supported browser, just plug the key into your computer and push the button when prompted, and you’re in!

Need help with your UBITName account?

Contact the UBIT Help Center for help related to your UBITName account, online at Or, call 716-645-3542, or stop by our Help Center walk-up locations on North and South Campus.