Twice the power: new Charge + Lock stations for mobile devices in Silverman Library

One of two new Charge + Lock stations on the third floor of the Silverman Library in Capen Hall.

Photo by Orly Stein

Published September 11, 2019

It’s okay to walk away—charge your phone inside a secure charging locker in UBIT’s Charge + Lock stations, including a new station on the 3rd floor of Silverman Library in Capen Hall.


Power to the people

The first Charge + Lock station was introduced in the 2nd floor Lockwood Cybrary in 2013. Since then, mobile devices have become ubiquitous on campus, with over 90% of the student population carrying a smartphone.

With greater smartphone use comes greater demand for power to keep them charged. The addition of two new Charge + Lock stations in 2019 on the 3rd floor of Silverman Library provides a place to charge your devices, even when you don’t have the right cable with you.

How do I use it?

To use the Charge + Lock stations, turn off your device (or at least silence it!) and select one of the secure lockers. Set a passcode—don’t forget it!—and close the locker. If the light turns red, that means your device is securely locked away and charging. 

Your device will remain locked in the station until you unlock it—no matter what.

“We’ve tested it for power outages, all sorts of scenarios, and not once could we get it to unlock without the code,” said Scott Harrigan, Customer Support Analyst with UBIT Customer Service, about the Lockwood Charge + Lock.

Tips for charging

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the Charge + Lock stations:

  • Power off your device. Devices charge faster when they’re powered off, plus this will guarantee your calls and notifications aren’t being heard by the whole library from inside your locker.
  • Keep your passcode secure. Don’t use anything obvious like 0000 or 1234. Also, don’t write your passcode down and leave it anywhere public. You probably shouldn’t share your passcode with friends, either—the more people know about the code, the less secure your device is.

Get help

The UB Tech Squad can be found on the Silverman 3rd floor and Lockwood 2nd floor cybrary to help with problems—just ask one of them for help with the Charge + Lock Station if you need it. Or, you can email