Students: win $25 Campus Cash! Take the 2018 UBIT Student Experience Survey

Published October 22, 2018

UBIT wants to know what you think! From October 22 to November 5, 2018, students can enter to win $25 Campus Cash by taking the 2018 UBIT Student Experience Survey. 

UBIT’s annual survey has asked UB students about how they use technology, and what they think about UBIT, for over 20 years. We received more than 10,000 responses over the last five years, and what you told us has helped improve the services and support we offer to everyone.

You lead the charge

It’s not just about winning Campus Cash—although that’s a nice perk—it’s also about helping make UB a better place for your peers, and the students who will be here after you.

Students are the most technologically innovative people on campus. The way you use technology determines the direction of technology takes, in the world and at UB.

In the past, your input has provided the campus with better Wi-Fi, iMacs in the Lockwood Cybrary, the Tech Squad and more.

When you take the survey, you’re telling us how to deliver technology that students expect to see on campus—it’s how we know we’re heading in the right direction.

How can I take it?

Starting October 22, 2018, you can visit, or click the link in the pinned posts on UBIT’s Facebook and Twitter pages. There will also be a link on the public computers in the Lockwood Cybrary and elsewhere on campus when you log in.