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NYS payroll online security risk

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Published October 26, 2016

It’s convenient, environmentally responsible and even saves UB money. But when it comes to keeping your personally identifiable information secure, you may have some concerns using NYS Payroll Online.

Sensitive information, including your Social Security Number, W2 and eventually direct deposit information, are accessible online with the NYS Payroll Online tool, which puts your information at risk if your UBITName account is compromised.

Identity thieves have used stolen login credentials to redirect direct deposits and obtain tax information to file a false tax return using similar online systems at universities across the country.

Always treat your UBITName account as you would your online banking. Make sure your UBITName password is long and secure, and do not give out personal information in email.

UB’s Information Security Office highly recommends making your UBITName password unique and avoid using it with other accounts (i.e. your bank’s website, non-UB email, etc.).

Be wary of phishing attempts and never click links from unknown sources. Remember, UB will never ask for your password.