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Program Overview

UB's New General Education Program

Beginning fall 2016

The UB Curriculum is a program of core study built around intellectual discovery and integrative learning. It emphasizes critical thinking, ethical reasoning, global learning, and strong communication skills, providing the tools you need to succeed in your professional life and to meet the responsibilities of citizenship in a diverse and interconnected world.

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UB Curriculum Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the UB Curriculum you will: 

  1. Attain and apply knowledge in written, oral and visual communication; mathematics and quantitative reasoning; and natural sciences. 
  2. Acquire, apply, analyze, evaluate and integrate knowledge from a wide range of disciplines. 
  3. Attain and apply critical thinking skills to define and solve problems. 
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of human and cultural diversity within local and global contexts. 
  5. Acquire the knowledge, skills, technologies, ethical judgment and personal responsibility for effective citizenship, professional leadership, and lifelong learning.

Four Main Program Components and Requirements

The following requirements are for incoming freshmen and transfers in the fall of 2016. The program comprises 40 credits of study for all students, irrespective of major. The UB Curriculum is a universally accessible program and therefore no course substitutions should be necessary.

UB Seminar

The entryway to your UB education. A discussion-based seminar built around grand challenges and big ideas.


The UB Curriculum Credit Hours
UB Seminar
Domestic transfer students entering UB with 45 or more credits will enroll in the one-credit UB Seminar. All others will take the three-credit UB Seminar.
3 or 1 credits


Courses in diversity, writing, math and natural sciences that promote critical thinking, creative problem-solving, enhanced communication skills, cultural competencies, and ethical and analytical reasoning.

The UB Curriculum Credit Hours
Communication Literacy 1 4 credits
Communication Literacy 2 3 credits
Math and Quantitative Reasoning 4 credits
Scientific Literacy and Inquiry Sequence
7 credits

Diversity Learning Requirement

Students are required to take at least one three-credit course focusing on domestic diversity. An approved course can be taken anywhere in the program and may also satisfy the other aspects of the program (e.g., UB Seminar or Pathway course).



A series of courses interconnected by theme or concept across a wide range of disciplines. Pathways can be customized to complement pre-existing interests or designed to expand horizons and engage curiosity.

The UB Curriculum Credit Hours

Thematic Pathway

Choose one of 5 tracks: Health, Humanity, Justice, Environment and Innovation

9 credits

Global Pathway

Choose one of 3 tracks:

  • Global Reflections
  • Language and Culture
  • International Experience
9 credits


A final project that integrates the whole in anticipation of next steps in life and learning.

The UB Curriculum Credit Hours
UB Capstone 1 credit

Transfer Students

The UB Seminar and Capstone must be taken at UB. Guidelines on program requirements that may be satisfied with a SUNY GETA or approved articulation are available by visiting the Transfer Students page

UB Curriculum Infographic

View and download a UB Curriculum Program Overiew Infographic