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Freshmen Get Started

Finalize your UB class schedule and get started with the UB Curriculum

1. Get to Know the UB Curriculum

2. Review Your Class Schedule

Visit and click on the HUB Student Center to view your class schedule. You will see your list of courses, including the days, times, location, and instructor of each course. You can also select the "Weekly Calendar View" display option to view your schedule in a weekly format. 

3. Choose Your Remaining Courses & Register

Add courses to your existing schedule through the HUB Student Center. For the best selection of courses, complete this within 5 days. After registering, view your class schedule again. See below for information on how to select and register for your UB Seminar and Pathway courses (if applicable). 

UB Seminar

All students are required to complete a UB Seminar course in their first semester. Browse the selection of these "big ideas" courses and choose one that fits both your interests and your existing course schedule. To choose your UB seimar, go to

*Please note: If you are an accepted engineering, computer science or architecture major, you are already registered for a UB Seminar specific to your program. (Look for the 198 or 199 course number on your schedule)*

1. How to Select your UB Seminar

2. How to Register for your UB Seminar


Some students may be advised to complete a Global or Thematic Pathway course during their first semester. If this applies to you, your advisor will provide you with specific information on Pathways courses and how to enroll. To choose your Pathways course, go to and use the interactive Path Finder tool. 

Path Finder Tutorial